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Pax Britanica: The Golden Anvil

Pax Britanica: The Golden Anvil

The British Empire monopoly on nuclear weapons is challenged by the theft of five atom bombs. Imperial Secret Service Chief, Sir Anthony Raja, summons Mick Doyle to recover the missing weapons, suspected to be hidden in a German-run gold mine in British New Guinea.

Doyle is warned at the beginning of the mission that ‘everything in New Guinea will be trying to kill him.’ It seems as if New Guinea is trying to make good on that promise. The recovery of the nuclear weapons is the toughest mission Doyle has ever undertaken.

From the start, the mission is dogged by bad-luck and an ingenious enemy, always one-step ahead. His team must survive hostile New Guinea warriors, man-eating sharks and crocodiles, venomous snakes and a Chinese military force allied to the Germans.