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Pax Britanica: The Golden Anvil

The British Empire monopoly on nuclear weapons is challenged by the theft of five atom bombs. Imperial Secret Service Chief, Sir Anthony Raja, summons Mick Doyle to recover the missing weapons, suspected to be hidden in a German-run gold mine in British New Guinea.

Doyle is warned at the beginning of the mission that ‘everything in New Guinea will be trying to kill him.’ It seems as if New Guinea is trying to make good on that promise. The recovery of the nuclear weapons is the toughest mission Doyle has ever undertaken.

From the start, the mission is dogged by bad-luck and an ingenious enemy, always one-step ahead. His team must survive hostile New Guinea warriors, man-eating sharks and crocodiles, venomous snakes and a Chinese military force allied to the Germans.



He Might Be Still On Mars

He Might Be Still On Mars is a thriller set in the latter years of the 26th Century. Mankind has spread out into the rocky planets of the Solar System and the rocky moons of the Gas Giants such as Jupiter and Saturn. Despite light speed and near light speed travel, the number of people emigrating to these new worlds is in the doldrums.

This lack of enthusiasm is driven primarily by the savagery of raids by pirate chief, Wilson Black. Powerful politician and scientist, Stella Ling, sends Owen Bone and his Synthetic partner Sandi Shaw on a manhunt for an absconded husband, Freddie Ling. This is camouflage for a plan to eliminate deadly Space Pirate Wilson Black, who has driven migration to the planets and moons of the Solar System. Owen and Sandi are subject to terrifying injuries and stresses that test what it means to be human and Synth. In overcoming these challenges, they find help in the most unlikely places, leading to a showdown with Black in the frozen remote taiga forest of Siberia.



The Last Dream Before You Die

Jack Bone is a detective, and nothing gets in the way of solving a case-not even the recent death of his partner. Still reeling from loss, Bone accepts an assignment in Wolfston, investigating the profitability of England’s last woolen mill. There’s something strange about the staff at the mill, though-especially the night shift, who seem to have a lot of secrets. The employees at the Wolfston mill are vampires, and they don’t like Bone snooping around.

He escapes unscathed, but that isn’t the end of his troubles. Bone’s busy caseload also includes the suspected smuggling of illegal aliens into England in trucks owned by Astra Clothing. Nearby, in Leeds, he encounters the Russian gangsters who are running the show. In a curious twist, he finds safety with the Wolfston vampires, who agree to help him with his case while keeping him safe.

Bone is right on the gangsters’ tail when they produce their own powerful vampire, threatening the lives of Bone’s close friends and family. Fearing further loss, he vows to bring the Russians to justice before it’s too late, but how can he fight an immortal foe? This might be Bone’s last case, but he won’t go down without a fight.



Everything Hurts

Jack Bone is at it again in Paul Dalzell’s haunting new novel, Everything Hurts. As a cop–turned–private investigator with a vampire girlfriend, Bone is used to living life on the edge. But when a slew of college girls turns up dead from heroin overdoses, his investigation takes him to places darker than he could ever imagine.

The first stop? Crime boss Alfie Rice, who gives Bone and his assistant, Lucy Laughton, the inside track on local heroin dealers. It’s in this sordid world where they also learn about the existence of the urban legend known as Candyman, a drug-related serial killer rumored to prey on innocent students.

Along the way, Bone makes the acquaintance of Lucy’s vampire great-grandmother, Eugenie—who just so happens to be the Grand Duchess of Transylvania. Meanwhile, Lucy’s vampire twin sister, Mina, proves helpful to the investigation with her hypnotic and telepathic abilities.

A compelling exploration into the Gothic origins of vampire mythology, Everything Hurts provides a decidedly adult look into the evolution of the blood-sucking mythological creatures that have fascinated the world for centuries.



The Friends of Eddy Relish

Failed Hollywood actor Eddy Relish falls into the hands of bible-quoting gangster, Bill Blake, and must become a drug mule. Eddy is menaced not only by Bill Blake but also by Abdul Madbul, an Albanian superspy turned Islamist terrorist. A chance encounter in Paris makes Eddy the only person who can identify this terrorist. Cynthia Tzin, whose Hollywood bar is a front for Chinese intelligence, rescues Eddy. She offers Eddy a Faustian pact: become a Chinese intelligence asset, and she will protect Eddy and help rebuild his Hollywood career. Eddy’s first assignment is simple—become a star again and bait a trap set to catch Madbul. The trap is set at a Las Vegas party hosted by a Chinese billionaire. Madbul and Bill both appear at the party to collect their dues from Eddy. Cynthia’s abilities are put to the test to ensure Eddy emerges alive and unscathed from this ordeal.