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Everything Hurts

Everything Hurts

Jack Bone is at it again in Paul Dalzell’s haunting new novel, Everything Hurts. As a cop–turned–private investigator with a vampire girlfriend, Bone is used to living life on the edge. But when a slew of college girls turns up dead from heroin overdoses, his investigation takes him to places darker than he could ever imagine.

The first stop? Crime boss Alfie Rice, who gives Bone and his assistant, Lucy Laughton, the inside track on local heroin dealers. It’s in this sordid world where they also learn about the existence of the urban legend known as Candyman, a drug-related serial killer rumored to prey on innocent students.

Along the way, Bone makes the acquaintance of Lucy’s vampire great-grandmother, Eugenie—who just so happens to be the Grand Duchess of Transylvania. Meanwhile, Lucy’s vampire twin sister, Mina, proves helpful to the investigation with her hypnotic and telepathic abilities.

A compelling exploration into the Gothic origins of vampire mythology, Everything Hurts provides a decidedly adult look into the evolution of the blood-sucking mythological creatures that have fascinated the world for centuries.